Legal disputes

Defending Clients in legal proceedings, we provide a continuous and personalized assistance designed to reduce the contentious risks in the ambits of both individual and collective employment.

We provide support to Companies, Labour and Tax Consultants in Human Resources. We find solutions for individual and collective agreements with a continuous re-designing process to keep pace with technological advances.
Training Courses

We develop and organize seminars in collaboration with academic bodies dealing with the most important and current themes for Human Resources.


Graduated in Laws from the University of Trieste (1994), obtained a Ph.D. in Labour Law and Industrial Relations from the University of Bologna (1999) and has concentrated on the area of Privacy.
As a lawyer she continues to have close ties to the Academic world currently working as Fellow’s Assistant. Currently she teaches on the Master of Labour Law and Industrial Relations Course at the University of Milan; a Speaker at Congresses for related professions; Local representative for the AGI Association in the High Level School for Lawyers and in charge of the local labour law Bullettin for Friuli-Venezia Giulia.
Author of the monographic piece “Economic risks and employment protection models” Giuffré (2007) awarded by the Marco Biagi Foundation, her work appears regularly in various specialized legal journals.
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Aree di attività
  • Labour Law in the Public and Private Sectors

    We provide assistance to Companies and Public bodies in the area of Human Resources, also abroad (notice giving, letters of dismissal, individual clauses, appeal procedures, head office transfers, alterations to duties, promotions etc); we compose individual employment contracts (consultancy contracts, self-employment agreements etc.); we assist with In-house Regulations (Disciplinary Codes; the Internet and e-mail usage policies etc.).

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  • Administrative Responsibility: Legislative Decree No. 231/01

    We create Management Organizational Models with a focus on the organizational dynamics by placing our attention on the composition of Internal Agreements and Disciplinary Codes; we assist companies in making sure that MOM 231, once put in place, can be efficiently used to support legal action and relations with the suppliers.

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  • Trade's Union Law and Industrial Relations

    We assist in the management of labour relations with trade’s unions, in drawing up collective agreements at both a company and territorial level. Company welfare plans are also our concern.


  • Data Protection and Privacy, GDPR and Industrial Property

    We assist companies by working with a network of professionals dedicated to the areas of security and digital forensics alongside the Clients in the process of adjusting to the GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation) with particular attention to the specificity of the needs of the business and of the internal production processes.


Publications & Video

GDPR and Personal Data Protection in the Employment Context by Claudia Ogriseg
Il Regolamento UE n. 2016/679 e la protezione dei dati personali nelle dinamiche giuslavoristiche: la tutela riservata al dipendente di Claudia Ogriseg
Conference: Remote controls after the Jobs Act - Report by Claudia Ogriseg

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