Claudia Ogriseg


Claudia Ogriseg

Graduated in Laws from the University of Trieste (1994), obtained a Ph.D. in Labour Law and Industrial Relations from the University of Bologna (1999) and has concentrated on the area of Privacy.
As a lawyer she continues to have close ties to the Academic world currently working as Fellow’s Assistant. Currently she teaches on the Master of Labour Law and Industrial Relations Course at the University of Milan; a Speaker at Congresses for related professions; Local representative for the AGI Association in the High Level School for Lawyers and in charge of the local labour law Bullettin for Friuli-Venezia Giulia.
Author of the monographic piece “Economic risks and employment protection models” Giuffré (2007) awarded by the Marco Biagi Foundation, her work appears regularly in various specialized legal journals.

Legal assistance for me does not mean selling a legal product but sharing a project, supporting the customer in a path


Loving one’s job is what comes closest to happiness on earth

Rita Levi Montalcini